Inflatable clear tent inflatable bubble camping tent,inflatable bubble tent

Presently,more and more business take event party or exhibitions, also choose the inflatable clear tent,to take people attention.It is a good way for selling.
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This kinds of air tight clear tent is made by high quality,clear PVC tarpaulin, his dome features a square entrance and is manufactured using both heat welding and high temperature machines.
The size of the clear tent can be customized,To meet your exactly party event and exhibitions need.This clear tent is suitable for the Euro standard,it is very safe and environmentally-friendly,they are a new vision.
The best camping trips usually include a great destination and good camping tent.Before you plan your next family camping trip, consider these top tent for camping. Traditionally,the camping tent can’t see the scenery on the day, can’t see the star on the night.but this kinds of clear tent both of them can see,and also add the romantic and funny for couples and friends.
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These clear tent are becoming more and more popular.and also the ideal way for camping,they are also very light,so it also easy to take and install.
If you are a smart business man,kindly take a action to buy then for sell or rental.